For publishers

I have been working for publishers for almost thirty years, in both the UK and Ireland. I edit, copy-edit and proofread non-fiction and fiction books, and academic journals.

I am used to working to deadlines, liaising with in-house and freelance editors and authors, following house styles and coding word-processed documents for typesetting.

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For businesses

Any text that leaves your office is an advertisement for your business. I can write, rewrite, copy-edit and proofread your documents to make sure they reflect your professionalism.

Any text that you produce will benefit from a look-over by an editorial professional: your website, instruction books, advertising material, newsletter, blog posts, even your letters.

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For authors

I enjoy working direct with authors – those wanting to polish their manuscript before submitting it to an agent or publisher, and those wanting to self-publish.

I recognise that you have put your heart and soul into your work and want to make it the best you can within your budget. I can work with you to achieve this.

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Proofreading, Copy-editing, Editing, Writing and Rewriting

Red pencil on lapton


This is the final tidying-up of the text before it is published, where checks are made for typos, formatting, cross-referencing, layout and so on.

Magnifying glass on dictionary

Line editing and copy-editing

The line editor looks for appropriate word usage, wordiness and redundancies. The copy-editor checks for consistency, spelling, grammar and sense.

Tools of the trade for an editor


This is where manners are put on the text: Is it consistent? Is it suitable for the target audience? Does it make sense? Does it flow? Are the sections in a sensible order?

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Writing and rewriting

Businesses can provide me with information or a first draft and I will turn it into text suitable for the target audience.

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