Professional input from an experienced editor

I have been providing professional editorial services to publishers for nearly thirty years, and love being part of a book’s team, helping to transform it from draft to publication. I am based in Ireland, but work with publishers from both here and the UK.

Services I offer

I edit (and re-write if required), copy-edit and proofread (against copy or blind, using BSI proofreading symbols or the commenting tools on PDFs). I can create figure lists if needed and code the copy for typesetters. I am happy to liaise with authors. I will follow your style sheet and will always create a job-specific consistency sheet.

I work closely with in-house and freelance teams, keep to deadlines and offer solutions when difficulties arise.

Subjects I work on

I have worked for a range of publishers: academic (textbooks, journals and distance learning), general, specialist and fiction. I am able to work on a wide range of non-fiction subjects, in particular:

  • Business studies
  • Computer studies and information science
  • Accountancy
  • Office studies
  • Equine studies
  • Companion animals
  • History and local studies
  • Subjects at Junior Certificate/GCSE, but not languages
  • Subjects at Leaving Certificate/A’Level, but not languages
  • Subjects at third level except languages, medicine and sciences

When working on fiction, I am happy to work with most genres in the English language.

Formats I work on

I can work on paper or on screen at any stage of the editorial process. I generally use Microsoft Word, using track changes and comments as necessary. When proofreading I can work on paper or on PDFs. I am an experienced computer user, have advanced qualifications in the Microsoft suite and am familiar with HTML and css.