Get the professional edge with perfect documentation

Every piece of documentation that leaves your office is an advertisement for the way you work. Sloppy writing can mislead customers and clients, and will be off-putting to some.

I can help you maintain a professional standard of publication. I am an experienced writer, editor and proofreader, and I am happy to work flexibly in a way that suits you.



I can read your text, checking for sense, spelling, grammar and punctuation. I can check that the text is written in a style that is aimed at your target market, and make suggestions for changes if necessary; this includes the use of plain English.


This is where you are pretty happy with your text but you would like a fresh pair of eyes to look at it to check for typos, spelling, punctuation, grammar and sense. This is a final check, and is not as in-depth as a copy-edit. If you are not sure which level of checking you need, send me a sample and we can discuss it.

Rewriting and writing

If you are not happy with your text, you can send it to me to rewrite in a form aimed at your target market, using plain English and ensuring spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct.

Alternatively, you can send me the information in various formats and I can write the piece for you.

Company style sheet

If you do not already have one, I can create a style sheet that can be used by your staff and freelancers to ensure that there is a consistent look to your range of documentation. The style would include preferred spellings, words to avoid, style of heading, layout of text, and so on.

How I work

I will work on screen and transfer files via email or electronic file transfer, although if you prefer to post me a hard copy I am happy to work on paper instead. I will use track changes in the word processing program so you can see exactly what changes I have made and accept each one or not. If your document is already designed, I can check it as a PDF and use Acrobat commenting to make suggestions for changes. Where I think it is needed, I will supply a note of why I think the change is advisable.

You can hire me for one-off jobs, or as your regular editor where we have a system of you sending me work as and when it arises, or for a regular specific job (for example, writing or checking a blog).

As well as being an experienced writer, editor and proofreader (all on various media and for a wide range of companies), I am a fast and proficient touch typist, am familiar with basic web design, have worked in a variety of offices (as a secretary and bookkeeper), and have advanced qualifications in the Microsoft suite of programs. I have a special interest in training (via classroom, distance learning, reference books and online using teaching programs or instructional blogs).

All work and conversations with your office will be kept confidential.